MJR (Marbles Jumbo Radio) he/they
is a dancer and visual artist born 1979, in Paterson New Jersey. Based in New York City, he werks through performance, video, and sculpture in ways that engage the politics of placememory and survival with the agencies of the body in motion.

danced like a verb, like an utterance..

his choreographic live performance and video works include “Dark,” “Wintering,” “Systems of Us,” “Captain,” and “Doing Ice Bergs,” and were presented in New York at spaces including HERE, Dancespace Project, and Joyce SOHO. In LA, he presented works at REDCAT, Anatomy Riot, and LACE. 
MJR has a clay sculpture & drawing

used, like a sound, like a fist, 

he has contributed choreography and performance to collaborative works, including Meg Wolfe’s “New Faithful Disco,” Andrea Geyer’s  “Truly Spun Never,” taisha paggett’s “Moutnain, Fire, Holding Still,” Johanna Breiding’s “We Love Our Parents, We Fear Snakes,” or Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz’s “Moving Backwards”.  

like a tool.
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November 22-24       Venice, Italy        “Moving Backwards” Venice Biennal / Closing Performances and Boudry/Lorenz Catalogue Release
December 7-9 

Feb 16 10-2pm
        17  2-6pm          Los Angeles         “Moving Backwards” performance at JOAN  http://joanlosangeles.org/




Letters to a Brother
A series of dances that hold a place of performative vigil
for my relationship with my own brother, who departed suddenly and early in his life . The dances are as well, capaciating a space for unspoken languages to emerge in kinetic form, to speak through dance to the songs that recall, in the places that remember. These Letters are, in collection, a physical address from the cusp of complexities within siblingship-- and give language for the unresolved energetics to play out, and redress what is necessary, from interiorities of each other and oneself-- across distance, difference, love, rivalry, a missing, or closeness. Siblingship is an unique intimacy in a way, but especially these clips hone in on a raw facing of challenge, physicalize an emotionality to political casualties of political pressure and survival amidst finding who they are.
Camera/choreography: Marbles Jumbo Radio 
Sound/songs:  Anohni, Concrete Blonde, Gloria Gaynor)

We Love Our Parents We Fear Snakes
Four channel video (color, silent), live stereo sound, four projectors, P.A. system, computer, midi controller, four media player, fruit, incense
Dimensions variable, 4hr Duration
'We Love Our Parents, We Fear Snakes' was created by Johanna Breiding as an intimate gathering space—foyer/drawing room/death room/living room—for queer-identified performers to explore traditionally familial spaces and experiences of mourning.
Installation & Video: Johanna Breiding
Movement: Marbles Jumbo Radio
Sound: Yann Novak

Captain 2008
Choreography/performance/direction:  Marbles Jumbo Radio
Camera/production/co-direction and co-development:  Pooh Kaye

Systems of Us dedicated to my mother 2009
Choreography, dramaturge, and direction: Marbles Jumbo Radio
Music: Tashi Wada (composition) and ensemble
Dane performance: Erin Beneze, Amanda Furches, Marbles Jumbo Radio
NOW (New and Original Works Festival), REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney Cal Arts Theater), July, 2009