MJR (Marbles Jumbo Radio) he/they
is a dancer and visual artist born 1979, in Paterson New Jersey. Based in New York City, he werks through performance, video, and sculpture in ways that engage the politics of placememory and survival with the agencies of the body in motion.

danced like a verb, like an utterance..

his choreographic live performance and video works include “Dark,” “Wintering,” “Systems of Us,” “Captain,” and “Doing Ice Bergs,” and were presented in New York at spaces including HERE, Dancespace Project, and Joyce SOHO. In LA, he presented works at REDCAT, Anatomy Riot, and LACE. 
MJR has a clay sculpture & drawing

used, like a sound, like a fist, 

he has contributed choreography and performance to collaborative works, including Meg Wolfe’s “New Faithful Disco,” Andrea Geyer’s  “Truly Spun Never,” taisha paggett’s “Moutnain, Fire, Holding Still,” Johanna Breiding’s “We Love Our Parents, We Fear Snakes,” or Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz’s “Moving Backwards”.  

like a tool.
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