MJR(Marbles Jumbo Radio) they/he is a dancer and visual artist born 1979, in Paterson New Jersey. 
They are currently based on unseated Iriquios land and Canarsi-Lenape lands in New York City
making works that are a confluence of practices in performance, video, ceramics, objects, text, and installation.

danced like a verb, like an utterance..




used, like a sound, like a fist,

Artist Statement
Marbles Jumbo Radio

I contextualize my work within the domains of installation and choreography. I have a life long relationship to dance and object making conjured through a deep relation to choreography and embodied research with archives of the queer and marginalized as well as ancestral and dream- realm vacillation. I work, in this way, with movement as material, and as a thinking tool. When engaged, choreography is a prismatic, multi sided, reflective, angular, spacious, specific and always technical tool. Dance is a resource. Ephemeral, sometimes magical, ever unique, always specific- movement, like a sculpture or thing, is made of many sides sutured together. My projects take shape in varied forms- from live performance to installation. I am always collaborating with other artists and participants. Practices evolve out of thinking with concept through the body, tuning attention to what is arising in relationship to space and object. This feedback undergirds and officiates a waxing capacity for thinking-by-way-of-moving to occur. Dancing is a form of energetic and rhythmic communication that has the capacity to be a political tool, resisting and recalling cultural machinations. I utilize this as faculty to address scopic norms and as a means to conjure communication between generations and transform culture. I am drawn to place as a live player. Place informs what's possible and potentially works on the imagination. Like a body, a place bears a memory of its own. I am interested in what places remember, and I see dance as a way to contact the interiority of the body and place, a process by which the body and mind tune together, capaciating dimension whereby alterities may seek expression and refuge inside or outside normative socio-spatial shifts. Dancing is a listening process that capaciates dimension for powerful transmission to occur.

like a tool.

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